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If your pet is showing signs of a change in behaviour it is better to tackle it quickly before it becomes entrenched.

Vets are trained to deal with behavioural problems and deal with problems such as aggression, play-biting, stress and toilet training on a daily basis along with the more seasonal ‘Fear of Fireworks’.

Changes to your pet’s behaviour and temperament can be due to changes in the household or pet’s environment or can be the result of a medical condition. Our vets will rule out medical conditions or treat as necessary. They will then discuss possible solutions to behavioural issues.
If your pet does have a psychological problem we can help. There are many treatments available including behavioural therapy, pheromones and medicines. Our vets will advise which therapy would best meet the needs of your pet or would find you an appropriate behaviourist for referral cases.

Many behaviour patterns, especially aggression can be made worse with inappropriate treatment so please ask for advice before trying anything and remember, with time and dedication you can teach even an old dog new tricks!

Weardale Veterinary Surgery - Animal BehaviourStress in Cats

Stress in a cat can be more difficult to detect as it can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Some signs are easy to spot but others can be more subtle.

Cats are territorial and any changes in their environment will disrupt the harmony of their territory and can result in stress.

The following are all signs of stress in a cat:

Scratch marks - scratching, but only vertical scratching which is widespread around the home.
Urine marks - Used by cats male or female, neutered or not to mark out their territory.
Aggression - Towards people, other cats or other pets.

Some cats will display more discreet signs of stress:

Food intake disorders - Anorexia or over-eating.
Excessive grooming - resulting in areas of baldness.
Absence of grooming - resulting in matted fur.
House soiling.
Decreased activity.
Appearing withdrawn.

You can take a stress test for your cat at

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