Older Pets 

Health Examination for Ageing Pets

At Weardale Vets we like to focus on prevention as well as cure.

Whenever we see your pet for their annual booster vaccination we carry out a routine health examination.

This visit allows us to check their teeth for dental disease, check that their joints are in good condition and that they are not developing any unusual symptoms requiring investigation.

We also take this opportunity to check your pet’s weight which, when compared to last years recorded weight will show us if any changes in diet are needed. This is particularly important in the aged pet as a reduced exercise routine may need a reduced calorie intake to prevent weight gain.

If your pet is ‘aged’, usually regarded as 8 years or over (6 or over in very large breeds), we recommend an aged pet Health Screen. This consists of blood tests carried out here at the surgery which would check for kidney and liver disease, diabetes, anaemia and chronic inflammation. All of which are common in the older pet.

If we do find any changes we can recommend prescription diets and medication which will help to give your pet a longer, healthier life.
We also take this opportunity to listen to your pet’s heart, recommending further tests or treatment if needed.

Finally, we can give advice on the many supplements, veterinary diets and medication available to help with mobility.

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